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Designing Your Own Postcards

Please take a seat and clear your head. Give your full attention to this article in case you have been thinking about designing your own postcard for your postcard printing project. We are going to talk about tools that you can use to design your own postcards. All these tools are handpicked and are free to download and use. Each tool has its good points and highlighted so you can make up your mind without much hassle.
Whether it’s a 4×6 postcard printing project or a 5×7 postcard printing project, you have to learn three terms:
First, the Trim: trim is the actual size of the postcard. If you ordered a 4×6 postcard, the card will measure out to 4×6.
The second term is Bleed. Essentially, the bleed margin lies outside the 4×6 area and it can extend from 1/16th of an inch to 1/4th of an inch. Printed postcards come out in sheets. These are then cut out using a cutter. Here is the problem: the blade of the cutter, however thin, has some width. If the cutter is kept right at 4×6 size, it will cut a smaller size. Therefore the cutter is usually kept at the bleed margin so that the we get 4×6 size after cutting.
If there are no background colors, the edges will have a white border on all four sides. In order to avoid this white border, we let the background colors bleed till the bleed margin so that the cutter cuts through the colors and the end is without the white borders.
The last thing to know about postcard printing designing is the Safety Margin. Safety margins also vary between 1/16th to 1/4th of an inch range. What is this margin exactly? You keep all your text and graphics within this margin. The cutter can cut anywhere outside this margin and you do not want any part of starting or ending sentences to be cut off. Same applies to the artwork.
Therefore, anytime you begin postcard printing designing, it is important to create these margins before you get your postcards printed. Every tool has ruler lines as a standard feature and it is easy to mark of the margins.

  1. Photoscape is free and regularly updated. The best feature is the unlimited number of Undo operations. If you have gone through 50 operations and you want to come back to your starting point, not a problem! With a library of clip art and the options to import external images, and great text handling, this will get you started in no time.
  2. Pixlr is an online photo editor. There are 3 versions to it and for postcards you have to use the Advanced version. When you click on the Advanced version, you will be surprised at how quickly the menu appears. The professional option made available is very impressive. Once you set the width and the height, off you go designing.
  3. PhotoPlus  is the right option in case you want to use some old photographs in your postcard printing project. It offers many features to enhance ld pictures which are worth exploring. If your idea is to give a nostalgic feel to your printed postcard then this tool is a must.



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