The Importance of Business Cards to a Cleaning Business Owner


A business card can easily do more for your business than offering a prospect an address, name and a phone number. With the right design, these act as the advertisements which the recipients hold on to for the years or pass on to others. These business cards will present a professional image and will give you the excuse to speak about your business when you meet new people.


Effective Design

First, you need to make sure that you have to include the basic information about your business and that which is spelled correctly. You can include the full names, address job titles and phone number. Now, it has been very common to include the online details, like website URL, references, email addresses to other social media like Twitter or Facebook. The image of the owner or the employee on the business card will help you to give your business a human face which can make it seem more reliable to your prospects.


The name of the company, the logo design must be featured on the business card, usually at the top of the left hand corner.


If it’s made obvious in the business name or the slogan then you need to consider listing the cleaning services which you offer. Thus, you can list some of the competitive benefits which you have in the business or how your customers benefit by signing up your services.


Though this sounds a lot, you will have to bear in mind which the business cards look better if they have a very simple layout. Having a business card which will appear to be confusing and cluttered you can ask your designer and the printer about using the rear side of your business card. As the cleaning business owner, you must have the business cards which are clean, neatly set out and professional looking. In the terms of color, white and various shades of blue present your best image of cleanliness to the recipients.


Depending on the competitive market which you are targeting, you need to go for something which is little different and will help you to stand out. You can give a try on irregular card shapes or you can offer something, valuable, interesting or humorous on the business card which can help or entertain the prospects. You need to position your business in their minds so that they can think of you whenever their friends require a cleaning business.


Business Card Templates

There are several cleaning business card templates available online and you can find some for free. However, in order to come up with something which truly will makes you look professional and will help you to build your unique brand image, it’s best to use the services of an experienced designer.


You can browse online at some branding styles which the other cleaning companies are using and give the designer some instances so that they can get the ideas on what you want. You need to incorporate certain design elements from branding of other businesses; you must have an original finished product which you can truly call your own.


Promotional Techniques


The best way is to hand these business cards personally. You need not have to go to a lot of trouble in order to push them to the people. When you are introduced to people, you can just simply hand them the business card and they will comment or ask you questions about what you do.

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