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A Brand Identity for Your Corporation

Envelopes are not primarily advertising materials. They are a part of your official business stationery. Your envelope can be a vital tool when you are trying to create an identity for you company. Since envelopes are a form of official documents, it can be designed according to the principles of your brand. You can use similar designs across all the office stationery items. Your letterheads and envelopes can have matching designs to show that they are the official documents of the same company. When people view the envelopes they will be able to instantly associate the envelope to your company because of the design.

Envelopes Can Lend Credence to Your Communications

A well designed envelope is a part of your company’s official stationery. The envelope will contain your company’s logo and name printed on it. This shows the user the communication is official. The design becomes a symbol of your brand. People will be comforted by the credibility of the document which has been placed inside the envelope. Clients will appreciate the extra effort out in to send official documents and statements. The credibility of your envelopes will ensure that your clients pay more attention to the communications.

Envelopes Can Be Made To Suit Your Business

You can design and customize envelopes in different ways even though they do not give you as much freedom as brochures. The design of your envelop can instantly impress the customer the way you want. You can create a fun design if you want your customers to feel that you are a hearty company. The design will help you customers gain a bit of insight on the type of business you provide. A graphic design agency can have a graphically arresting design and so on.

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Car Door Magnets as Marketing Tools



The world of business is very competitive. Businessmen need to continuously come up with ideas to market their services through new methods so that they can stand apart from the competition. They constantly need to innovate and make their company memorable through the use of some unique marketing ideas.

Major companies can afford to indulge in a wide range of marketing plans for their services. Small businesses on the other hand cannot afford such luxuries. For them, a cheap car door magnets marketing system can be an unique and yet practical way to announce their services to the consumers

Advantages of Using Car Magnets

Car Magnets can be used to promote your business to a large number of consumers at a very low investment. This makes them ideal for growing businesses. Even established and large companies have recognized the value of these little items and have used to them to promote their businesses in an effective and economical manner.

  • Variety


Car magnets are versatile when it comes to designs. They can be custom made in all shapes and sizes. You can make them large or small depending on how much content you wish to include on it. It can be used to promote your company using graphics and text. Innovative ideas like inspirational quotes can be added to the magnets to increase brand retention in customers.

Different businesses can design unique magnets to suit their services. For example, a toy store can design magnets that have the shape of toys or a hospital can go for a stethoscope motif for their magnets.

  • Flexibility


Not all advertising mediums can prove beneficial to the company’s sales. If you are planning on organizing events then you need to specific in choosing your advertising medium. However, magnets are universally applicable. All types of businesses can use magnets to help their cause. Restaurants, stores, conferences etc. can be promoted through the use of magnets.

  • Easy to Use and Remove


Magnets have the easiest installation technique possible. They just need to be placed on the surface and the work is complete. The beauty of magnets is that you can remove them later. A crucial difference exists between magnets and car vinyl and decals. That is they do not leave any stains which can reduce the resale value of the car.

  • Immense Opportunities for Customization


A car magnet can be designed completely according to specifications. There are online stores which offer a large range of templates for creating magnets. You can easily choose the shape and design and get them made. You can choose what colors you want and what text you want to be displayed on your magnets. Some of them even allow you to upload your own custom and unique designs for magnets. The online printers will ensure that the magnets are made exactly to your instructions.

  • Extremely Economical


Car Magnets are amazingly cheap. If you hire an online agency to make your car magnets for you then you can save even more. They offer you discounts if you place order of a certain number of units which reduces your overall costs. Another point to note is that car magnets will attract a lot of new customers. The initial investment you need, to make the magnets, will seem trivial when compared to the sales that you will gaining in the process.

  • Attracting A Huge Number of Consumers


Most forms of advertisements are static. That is they are restricted to the location they are displayed. Car magnets on the other hand will transform your car into an advertisement in motion. This advertisement will last as long as your magnet is displayed on your car. People will notice your magnet wherever you take your car.

When you leave your car parked, the passers-by will notice the advert. In a week thousands might have walked past your car and seen the car magnet. This means thousands of potential customers have taken note of your business. This is applicable when you travel as well. Pedestrians and other people who are travelling will see the car magnet.

Maximizing the Efficacy of Car Magnets

Car magnets will be viewed by hundreds of people on a daily basis. That is why you need to pay close attention to the effectiveness that the magnet has on viewers.

  • Display Your Company Distinctly


Remember that car magnets are a type of advertisement and as such, your potential customers must be able to see your company’s name. The name should be written in large size to facilitate easy recognition. If your company has a logo, you can display it along with the name.

  • Mention A Special Feature


Use the limited space on the magnet to add a short line about your company. Tell the readers about anything that makes your business different from the rest. You may tell about any special discounts that you offer or something that tie-ins with your marketing plans.

  • Color Combinations


The colors that you use in your car magnet should be contrasting so that people do not face any difficulty in reading your content. A dark background works very well when the text is written in some lighter shades. This can help people to remember your information. Some good combinations would be white on deeper shades of blue or green. A black background works very with white or yellow text.

  • Contact Information


A car magnet should have your information displayed correctly and in a legible manner. People will need to contact you if they wish to talk business. You may include your phone number and your website. They should be clearly printed. There is no call for including all your contact details. Just one or two will be enough.

  • Cleanliness


Car magnets require a bit of maintenance if you want to make them last for a long time. Cleaning them regularly will remove dirt which can cause scratches. Clean magnets will be easier to read. It is better if you remove the magnet before washing the car. Magnets should be cleaned in the right manner to keep them usable.

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