Cutting Edge Letterheads are the Secret Weapons of Closing Direct Sales



In the fabric of global marketing, the role of branding and communication has emerged as a pivotal issue. The business populace and marketers have been through many innovations in marketing activities, but to leverage the maximum in the gamut of business now, you need to emphasize on the personal level like through the letterhead. In fact, more than the organization, your clients know you better, and depend on you for their business. Owing to this reason, it has become quintessential that your letterhead speaks for your organization and for you. Using a methodical approach, you can transform your letterhead to marketing collateral.


Presenting the Bigger Picture


As your letterhead carries the face of your company, the logo, it holds the corporate philosophy of the organization and its business. This makes it clear that to stand out of the crowd in the fierce competition. Your letterhead should be the exposition of your company status, your position, what you do, and how you do it. Most importantly, as mentioned earlier, your clients know you; for this reason it takes a lot to ponder on the vantage point that your letterhead can convey to your clients and prospects. It is evident to that you have crossed the thought where a letterhead only gives the edge of communicating proposals, sales pitches, and other allied services.


Customized Communiqué Pattern


In the present time, marketers are opting to yield virtual professionalism by making the letterhead an inseparable part of their branded marketing. While going beyond the books, you may even, have separate letterheads. These may include letterheads for corporate communication, client communication, public communication, and individual communication. The articulation in practice and statement can boost your business, with brand recall, paving you towards guaranteeing repeat sale. It is vital that you consider the lethal power of this personal weapon, which can be direct, as well. Every time you create contact with your client or prospect, they will feel the warmth and dedication in your approach.


Binary on Paper


By maintaining the grid lines of the logo guide, you can always rearrange the position of the various elements of your corporate identity. While keeping pace with the present trend, you may shift the location of the logo and contact details to the bottom or the left or right side bar. Like the watermark, you may include cutting edge technology in it. By providing your QR code, you can let your clients have access to the digital platform of your organization. If you are sending a proposal for a new campaign, include a new QR code to let your client use their tabs or smart phones to shift the media platform.


Extended Usage Design


As it is advisable to rearrange the location of the corporate identity and its elements in the letterhead, it becomes evident that such concurrences are industry specific and based on the purpose of communication. If you consider the booming market of the retail industry, placing of company details and special communication on the side panel or bottom of the letterhead will allow the concerned parties to use it as the tear-off coupons, in effort of making your direct sales. Every element in your letterhead should be unique in advertising your business and escalating the response rate.


The success of any business lies in its name. Branding your company or business is very important to grab the attention of your potential client. To build a good and wealthy relationship with your clients, it is necessary to send them emails, letters and memos, invoices or any kind of official documents. All of this is totally incomplete without a proper letterhead. Printing a letterhead for your business is very important to spread your company’s name in the market. At the same time designing the letterhead with a proper logo gives your company a distinct outlook.


First Impression is the Last Impression: A letterhead is the first thing a customer receives when you are not present physically to represent your company. As it acts as the face of your company it is very important to maintain the quality of the letterheads. Printing letterheads on quality paper and looking into every detail of it helps to create a long lasting effect on your clients mind. A well-presented custom post card printing proves that you value your business and care for your customers.


Make a Difference with a Professional Touch: A savvy looking poor letterhead can snatch your deal away in this competitive market and leave your business in a complete loss in spite of your extensive business services and exclusive products. A professional touch is extremely desired when it comes to printing your business letterheads. A learned graphic designer can cater to your requirements and at the same time produce the best letterhead for your business. Right colors, pure textures, attractive symbols, remarkable watermarks, quality papers and stylish logos will make all the difference your organization or business requires.


Printing Different Letterheads


       Executive Letterhead: This kind of letterhead is specially designed to serve at the director or executive level. These kinds of letterheads are person specific and include the name of the company, the address, the logo and the person sending it.


       Standard Letterhead: This kind of letterhead is used in a generic basis. It acts a formal document from the company’s side for its customers, dealers and clients.


       Specialized Letterhead: These letterheads are intended for special presentations or events. Designed with extra styling this generates the socializing aspects of the company


A personalized business letterhead printed in the right format provides details about your company establishment. The address, logo, company name and signature increase the credibility and authenticity of your business. Whether you want to promote your business or increase its branding value or create long lasting relationship with your clients, printing a professional business letterhead is all that you need to make your mark in the industry. This is why you should look for a competent and professional printer who can give your company a dynamic image through exclusive letterheads.



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