Modern Techniques Used in 55 Postcard Printing

The printing industry is going through a number of changes rapidly. A number of technological advancements are being made and widespread competition is being provided through other media. Printers need to abide by the present day market trends and want to adjust with the new color printing technologies that are in vogue. In short, you have to have a thorough understanding of the printing market along with its applications and volume trends in order to acquire a better insight of 55 postcard printing. It appears that a lot of printers are stuck in the muck and are forced to avail of the traditional processes as they have not yet adapted to the digital diversification.


Rolodex Printing
Rolodex Printing

Recent research suggests that the industry is fast embracing new inventions. This is why traditional businesses should work out the transition from conventional printing processes to automation. Transition is taking place at varying speeds in different places. Companies that are still entrenched in customary procedures are experiencing mediocre success, although statistics reveal that the rate of failure is very high in the industry. A few printing providers have already started using novel production tools and refocusing to become versatile marketing service providers for satisfying their clients.


Approaches to Color Printing


These are some of the approaches that have changed the nature and scope of color printing that has more potential for ROI than others. Investments are turning away from printing presses and more printing businesses are now turning to monochrome digital print as the costs of color digital printing have gone down substantially. There has also been a shift in the customer demand structure which has also affected businesses. The focus is now on digital printing, although there is yet to be a proliferation of value added services with the growth in demand. Print volume have stagnated which means that digital printing is in great demand.


55 postcard printing with color copies allow companies to be connected with their customers and prospects. The variation of collateral and marketing products together with full color printing has helped businesses make the right impression. It also creates phenomenal opportunities for addressing the audience. You can create the right impression in different marketing contexts with the use of color postcard prints. Companies are required to keep specialty papers and metallic stocks for their printing needs. The processing methods post printing are also important and all companies are required to use procedures like embossing, die cutting etc.


Postcards can be very colorful and you can match your event with the process of printing the postcards. The basic thing is that with the advancement of technology, you can actually print the postcards using awesome colors. Postcards containing strategic corporate information need to be well printed using the right choice of colors, although you should guard against being flashy or colorful. Hence, even the blandest of statements and postcards or documents can attract popular attention and acquire a whole new meaning if done in an innovative manner. Mailing solutions are also highly popular as they can be personalized for every customer and have variable data printing as their basis.


Transactional documents of various companies can be used with appropriate color printing procedures and personalized data for creating the right blend of design and information.


Color Printing Techniques Today


The various methods of color printing reproduce color images on paper. This is done with the help of certain graphic procedures and industrial equipment. It indicates that printing involves various methods that are suitable for printing presses capable of making millions of impressions. The different processes used in 55 postcard printing are as follows:


Four-color Process Printing


This method is used commonly in commercial and industrial printing. It is primarily used to print full color images such as photographs as used in the postcards. Four colored inks are used in the process including black and 3 primary colors cyan, magenta and yellow. The full thing is known as CMYK, with the last letter or key indicating black.


The inks are translucent or semi-transparent. Where two similar inks overlap on the paper as a result of sequential printing impressions, a primary color can be perceived. This can be better understood with the help of an example. Yellow (without blue) overprinted with magenta (without green) makes red. In the place where all 3 inks might overlap, a shade that resembles black is found. Subtractive or secondary colors like magenta, yellow and cyan are considered primary by the printing industry and this also includes the watercolorists. The reason for this is that the basic paints and inks which are used here are transparent.


A couple of graphic techniques are required for preparing images for 4 color printing – the pre-press stage and color separation. With these steps, it is possible to create printing plates that help in transferring color impressions to paper on the 55 postcard printing presses on the basis of lithography principles.


Six-color Process Printing


This is another emerging trend. The specialty of this method is that it adds green and orange to the four color printing method CMYK. However, the alternate color systems still depend on half toning, color separation and lithography to produce a printed image.


Spot Color Printing


The specialty of this 55 postcard printing method is that a single color ink or multiple inks other than the primary colors are used. This method in which only a few limited colors are used is known as spot color printing. Usually, spot color inks are certain formulations that are designed to print alone, rather than blending with other inks on paper for producing various shades and colors. The range of colors that are available here are similar to paint and almost unlimited. There is much more variation than what is available with four-color-process printing. The colors of ink vary from fluorescent and pastels to the metallic tints.


Although there are various methods of printing, modern techniques help achieve high quality color reproduction and better results. You should choose the right printing option according to your needs and budget.



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